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Ovulation Day (a.k.a. The First Day of Waiting)

Magically, I’ve gone from Cycle Day 1 to Ovulation Day in about ten minutes.

In my dreams. If only it were really that fast!

Because it’s the waiting that kills me. Waiting for my period. Waiting for ovulation. The two week wait. Waiting TWO WHOLE MINUTES to read the results on the pee stick.

Waiting for insurance approval. Waiting for the DNA tests for Fragile X. Waiting to start another IVF cycle. Waiting for another appointment with the RE when the IVF doesn’t work.

Then if I’m lucky enough to get pregnant, there’s the waiting for the first blood test results. Waiting for the second and third blood test results. Waiting for the first ultrasound. Waiting until 11 weeks to do CVS testing on the fetus. Waiting 1-2 weeks for the CVS results. Either waiting for the baby to die or waiting for the baby to be born.

Waiting, waiting waiting! And I’m sick of it. I turn 36 on Friday. I don’t have any more time to wait. Hurry up, baby!