About Haven

Welcome to my blog! Here’s a little background about me.

Me: 36-year-old Fragile X carrier, musician, animal lover, sci-fi fan
DH: 35-year-old engineer, triathlete, video gamer, knitter, uncle

Nov 2009: Married my DH, Kyle
Nov 2010: Began TTC
Dec 2010: BFP in our first month of trying
Mar 2011: Miscarriage; diagnosis of Fragile X carrier status
Jun 2011: First meeting with RE
Dec 2011 thru Feb 2012: Lab prep work for PGD
Apr 2012: IVF #1 (1 healthy embryo, BFP, chemical pregnancy)
Sep 2012: IVF #2 (1 healthy embryo, difficult transfer, BFN)
Jan 2013: Malecot surgery to widen cervix opening for easier transfers
Mar 2013: IVF #3 (big snowstorm prevented proper PGD, 2 weak embryos frozen, no transfer)
Jun 2013: IVF #4 (no healthy embryos, no transfer); decided to TTC naturally
Jul 2013: BFP in our first month of trying
Aug 2013: Miscarriage
Jan 2014:  BFP
Feb 2014: Miscarriage


5 thoughts on “About Haven

    • Hey! Thanks for asking! Emotionally, I’m much better. I’ve been working on a post but I got incredibly busy with work and then the last 2 days I got so sick with the flu that I couldn’t even lift my head from the pillow! Today I have to push through being sick to get some health insurance paperwork done or I’ll be uninsured for a month. Ick. It means a lot that you asked. Thanks again.

  1. Hey there, just found your blog. I am in the same boat as you — surprise fragile x carrier, and starting my first round of IVF. Thanks for sharing….feels less lonely knowing there is someone else out there.

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