Baby DNA, Part Deux

The genetic counselor called me today to further discuss the fetal DNA results from my miscarriage in February.

She confirmed that the fetus WAS a carrier of Fragile X, but that the real problem was Trisomy 9.  Then she went on to give me a few interesting tidbits:

1.  Trisomy 9 is the cause of 50% of first trimester miscarriages.  (This conflicts with what Dr. Google says about it being “rare”.)
2.  Trisomy 9 is completely random; it doesn’t indicate future T9 pregnancies.
3.  Trisomy 9 is never compatible with life.
4.  Trisomy 9 can be screened out with PGD.

Regarding Tidbit #4, the genetic counselor also mentioned that the hospital has changed its protocol for PGD.  Instead of doing Day 3 biopsy and getting the results in time for a Day 5 transfer, they’re now doing Day 5 biopsies and only FET’s.  There is some data to suggest that removing a few cells from a Day 5 blastocyst screws ’em up less than taking them from a Day 3 embryo.  (But I heard the opposite from the Genesis Genetics lab.  Honestly, sometimes I think it’s all bullsh*t.)

So, if we change our minds and decide to do PGD with our next IVF after all, at least we’ll be spared the stress of going to the hospital on Day 5 without knowing if there are any embies to put in.   And I’ll be spared the sudden Crinone/Estrace withdrawal I experienced on all four of my IVF cycles!  Somehow that makes me feel a little better.  ❤

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