(Ahem) What I *Actually* Did Yesterday

Using my handy How I Can Feel Better Today list as a guide, here’s what I *actually* did yesterday.

1. Made the list
2. Canceled work
3. Re-read and replied to all of the thoughtful comments you left for me, which made me feel loved and cared for. Thank you so much.
4. Received a gorgeous sympathy bouquet from my doctor-friend Claire, delivered by a chipper man who told me to “Have a Nice Day!”
5. Burst into tears as soon as the door was closed. That was actually the first time my floodgates opened in this pregnancy. I was relieved to cry a little because I’d been feeling too paralyzed to do it before. The tears were almost more of a gift than the flowers were.
6. Showered, dressed and put on a little makeup.
7. Received the pre-registration phone call from the nurses.
8. Decided not to complete any more items on my list.
9. Bought tickets for K and me to see the LEGO movie.
10. Looked in the kitchen for something to eat and discovered that there was basically nothing there, specifically ICE CREAM.
11. Went grocery shopping. Bought several days’ worth of food that will take minimal preparation. Also bought all our favorite junk foods: Cheez-its, chocolate cereal, and Reese’s sundaes for K; raspberry danish twist, rocky road, and shake-n-pour pancakes for me. I also got a couple gallons of juice because the nurse said I could drink that before 9AM today.
12. Saw the LEGO movie, which was great and exactly what we needed! “Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!”

We’re headed off to the hospital in a few minutes for my D&E. I’ll be groggy for a while, but I’ll check in again when I’m lucid. ❤


16 thoughts on “(Ahem) What I *Actually* Did Yesterday

  1. Thinking of you today! I ate lots of Pop Tarts and Jello after my D&E. I also watched a lot of “safe” tv shows – namely, Kitchen Nightmares. Hope you get some rest and treat yourself kindly the next few days.

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