Schrodinger’s Baby

So the ultrasound techs and the radiologist found the pregnancy, and to our relief, it is in the uterus. At least we know I won’t die from a ruptured tube!

It took some intense time with the Dildocam though, almost an hour. We saw the yolk sac and it measured correctly for 5 weeks. Unfortunately there was no embryo to see since it’s too early. I made the tech print a picture of the sac anyway. She obliged but definitely thought I was crazy.

The nurse said she’s “seen some crazy things” but that this pregnancy is probably still doomed. The only way we’ll know is to look inside… Like Schrodinger’s Cat. Meanwhile, I can still feel lots of progesterone in my body (ouch) and Pregnany Nose has set in. Pregnancy Nose SUCKS. The scent of my husband’s breath and the cat litter are inconveniently amplified. It makes me feel really badly for dogs.

I’m back at the hospital for a followup ultrasound. They will measure everything again, and if they see a week’s worth of growth, then we’re in business, at least until we do the genetic testing at 11 weeks. If growth has stopped, then a missed miscarriage or blighted ovum will be diagnosed. I’m totally convinced it’s the latter, but the doctor will tell me at my appointment later this morning.


2 thoughts on “Schrodinger’s Baby

  1. I just caught up on your blog–what a crazy few weeks you’ve had! I’m sorry you’re stuck in limbo with this pregnancy 😦
    Of course I hope you are the exception and this pregnancy works out, but if not, then I hope a viable one is just around the corner. XOXO

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