15 dpo and no AF… but no BFP either!!!! OMG THE WAITING… IT KILLS ME!

Because of the absurd number of HPT’s in my bathroom trash last month, I tasked Kyle with buying them instead.

My printed instructions read: The ONLY brand to buy is First Response Early Result. It can’t be any other brand or any other model. Please buy one box of two (or three).

So, Kyle comes home with 2 boxes of two. Could I resist taking a test every morning? You guessed it.

I could’ve sworn I saw a faint line on 12 dpo, but I have yet to reproduce (har har) that faint line since then. There was a teeny tiny little bit of spotting on 13 dpo, a teeny tiny bit of cm and A WHOLE LOT OF CRANKY on 14 dpo, and today there was dark pink spotting immediately after we had sex. Other than that, no pregnancy symptoms.

I sort of dreaded writing this post after last month’s embarrassing “oh yeah, I’m so in tune with my body that I SO KNOW I’m pregnant.” We’ll just have to hope that wishing will make it so.


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