My Bathroom Trash is Full of HPTs

[Warning: Graphic Content]

I think I *was* bitten a few days ago, because yesterday I think I had an implantation bleed.

Since it takes a while for the blood to trickle down the cervix, I’ll bet the bleed would have started a day or two later if Kyle and I hadn’t been lubing up for sex. Kyle is very large and I’m a bit hormone-deficient, so thorough lubrication inside and out is 100% necessary. I usually hate having sex during my period, but I figured this was just light implantation spotting, so I was fine with it. Besides, we were cheered up by the thought that I could be pregnant, and therefore more inclined to have sex. Is that creepy? (Kyle is never bothered by menses, which always perplexes me since he’s both visual and squeamish. But no, he’s just always happy to have sex.)

Anyway, from what I’ve read,

implantation occurs 9-16 dpo
implantation bleed happens 6-14 days after implantation (if at all)
blood tests will show hcg 2-3 days after implantation
early response home pregnancy tests pick it up 3-4 days after the blood tests do.

So, I still have a few days before I’m not TOTALLY WASTING MY MONEY ON HPTs. The hpt manufacturers say you can test up to 6 days before the date of your missed period, which really means 5 days before your EXPECTED period. But they don’t actually mean MY expected period. No, they’re talking about an imaginary perfect 28-day cycle with ovulation exactly on day 14. My cycles are 25 days, so according to their assertions, I could have tested positive last Wed. But that’s impossible because that was implantation day.

Does this stop me from peeing on a stick EVERY SINGLE DAY, sometimes twice? Take a guess.

9 thoughts on “My Bathroom Trash is Full of HPTs

    • You know, that is an interesting question. Thanks for bringing it up. I’ve always suspected that my progesterone is lacking, and I’ve asked my RE and nurses about it on several occasions, but only when I was doing IVF. Every time, they made me feel silly for asking, so I let it go. But now that I’m trying naturally, I will definitely ask for a prescription if I don’t get pregnant this month!

      Ironically, it’s 14 dpo for me right now, with only a teeny bit of spotting, so something’s going on. HPT’s still don’t register anything, though. I wonder if it’s worth asking for some progesterone right now? I have some leftover Crinone at home, so maybe it’s worth a shot…

      Love your writing, btw. Hang in there.

      • Oh thank you! Likewise, I enjoy your writing. I think your docs are ridiculous not to put you on progesterone. I have a 31 day cycle with no known luteal phase defect and I’m using ART (yet) and I’m on progesterone–because it doesn’t hurt and it may help, so why not?! Can the doc give you a solid reason why not?? Besides “it may lengthen your cycle”, because I always start 48 hrs after quitting the progesterone. Best of luck! Don’t feel sheepish about asking questions and don’t be intimidated–if you don’t fight for yourself and your baby, no one will.

    • My pleasure! As you see in my posts, I’m very aggressive about getting what I want & need from my doctors–I’d rather irritate them with questions and demands, rather than second-guess their protocol (yep, very pushy, but I bring them cookies to compensate, lol). XO

  1. I also have POAS addiction – feed it at the Dollar Store! The tests are – wait for it – $1, and the sensitivity is between 25 and 50. I can never get a clear answer. But at $1 at piece, who cares?

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